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How To Fix A Missing Or Blank App Icon On An iPad

I use Casper to manage about 5,000 iPads in a K-12 environment. A few weeks ago, I started noticing an issue where some shortcuts I pushed would show the Apple icon development grid instead of the appropriate icon. If you’re not a graphic artist or App developer (I’m not), you have probably never seen this […]

How To Record an SSH or Telnet Session to a Text File

Hello again Internet! You can use the “tee” utility on Linux to record an entire SSH or Telnet session. This method will allow you to capture all of the session output including commands that were typed. This is helpful for logging your own actions and configurations for later browsing or for letting a customer see what […]

How To Use Wireshark To View tcpdump Captures

Hello again world! This week I am relaxing with my family in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina! However, I still found time to play with tcpdump a little bit and wanted to share how to open tcpdump captures using Wireshark. tcpdump is a Linux/Unix command line utility that allows you to capture network […]

Inconsistent Timestamps Over Long Wireshark Captures

I’ve recently been running Wireshark around the clock on a couple of servers at work to troubleshoot a problem that pops up whenever it feels inclined. One late night while perusing trace files with sleepy eyes, I happened to realize that packets were arriving at server B two minutes and forty seconds after they were sent […]