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How a Toshiba Copier DoS’d Our Network Using ARP

A few years ago, I ran into an interesting networking problem. Some of our users at a particular site were reporting that they couldn’t connect to the network, and we quickly realized that it appeared to be a DHCP problem, as those users who were complaining couldn’t get an IP address. As we were checking the DHCP service, […]

How To Use Multiple Google Accounts in Chrome

I like to use Google Music while I’m at work sometimes, and I use it through my own personal Google account. Unfortunately we also use Gmail as our enterprise e-mail solution, and normally Chrome doesn’t like it when you try to sign into two different Google accounts in the same instance. The result is that when I […]

How To Remotely Fix a Device With a Duplicate IP Address

Maybe your intern configured a device with a static IP address that was already in use. Or maybe it was you (shh, I won’t tell). But don’t fret! Assuming your misconfigured device has remote access capability of some sort, you may be able to fix the problem without physically being on site! If you can access […]